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Ecole – Université

University of Liberia (UL)

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The University of Liberia, formerly Liberia College, opened in 1863. In 1951 Liberia College was transformed to the University of Liberia by an Act of Legislature. The school is one of the oldest accredited institutions of higher learning in West Africa and is credited with training leaders in various disciplines.

The University of Liberia is a state owned University and functions as an autonomous institution. The University has seven undergraduate colleges, three professional schools (including a law school, medical school, medical and school of pharmacy) and four graduate programs spread over four campuses. These are Capitol Hill, Medical School and the David A. Straz Technical and Vocational School.

Since its inception, thirteen (13) very able men and woman have directed the course of its development. Two of these men, Dr. J. Max Bond (1951 -1954) and Dr. Kermit C. King (1955 – 1958), were Americans. These educators brought enlightened leadership to the University and are responsible for exceptional progress during that period.

In 1959, the first Liberia (3rd UL President), Dr. Rocheforte L. Weeks was appointed to head the University. He amicably and ably the led Institution for 1959 – 1972 as longest serving President to date.

In 2017, the 13th President, Dr. Emmet A. Dennis retired following 9 years of exceptional rebuilding leadership. The 14th President, and 2nd woman to lead ULis Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks, daughter of the 3rd UL President.

Undergraduate Program – Liberia College (Social Science and Humanities), W.V.S. Tubman Teachers College, A. Romeo Horton College of Business & Public Administration, William R. Tolbert College of Agriculture and Forestry, Thomas J.R. Faulkner College of Science & Technology, College of Engineering, College of General Studies, David Straz – Sinje Technical & Vocational College and Nursing & Midwifery Programs.

Academic and Research Institutes – Institute of Population Studies, Kofi Annan Institute of Conflict Transformation, Confucius Institute, Research Institute and Institute for Policy Studies and Research.

Graduate Programs – Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida school of International Relations studies, Graduate program in Education and Supervision, Graduate program in Regional Planning, Graduate program in Business & Public Administration.

Professional Schools – Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine and School of Pharmacy.

The University currently has the total enrollment of 22,000 studies with over 2000 faculty and staff.

Ce que nous proposons

Colleges & Schools

  • Undergraduate Colleges

-Liberia College of Social Sciences and Humanities

-Department of Sociology & Anthropology

-Mass Communication Department

-Institution of Policies Studies & Research

-William V. S. Tubman College of Education (BSc)

-William R. Tolbert, Jr. College of Agriculture and Forestry (BSc)

-Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration

-Thomas J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology

-College of Engineering

-Honors College

-College of General Studies


  • Graduate Programs

-Graduate Program in MBA/MPA


-Kofi Annan Institute of Conflict Transformation

-Graduate Program in Educational Administration and Supervision (GPED)

-Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida School of International Studies


  • Professional Schools

-Louis Arthur Grimes School Of Law

-College of Health Sciences


  • Confucius Institute University of Liberia


  • Vocational Programs

-David A. Straz-Sinje Technical and Vocational College


  • Teaching and Learning Center

Pourquoi nous

An independent institution of higher education where academic excellence thrives in the search of truth and knowledge; where research and teaching are cherished and promoted; where a high premium is placed on academic freedom of creative thinking “out of the box” in a scholastic environment where outstanding students and researchers from Liberia, and around the world are continually challenged and inspired to do their best possible work.


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