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Woven into the fabric of our beautiful country is the story of an extraordinary company that has touched the lives of South Africans for over nine decades. The Tiger Brands’ story is one rich in bold moves, belief and brilliance, centred around our expansive portfolio of proudly South African brands. From iconic TV adverts like the Koo ‘Mama Thembu’s getting married’ advert to cherished memories of sharing a Tinkies with your best friend on the playground, our brands have been part of the moments that matter in the lives of millions of South Africans since 1921. We have developed an intrinsic understanding of our consumers’ needs, recognising the moments when they need us most, and how best to meet these needs from the very beginning of life through to old age. Our purpose is simple – to nourish and nurture more lives every day.

Passionately created by people who are consumer-obsessed, our brands remain consumer favourites year after year. Koo is a market leader and enjoys heritage status alongside “oldies” like Fattis and Monis, Jungle Oats, Enterprise, All Gold, Purity, Oros, Ingrams, Doom and Tastic Rice. Such endurance is not a coincidence, it is the result of consumer-focused strategy and excellent execution. The goals we have set for our company can only be achieved if we hold uncompromisingly to our values, as well as to our commitment to developing world class, passionate people. As we work towards a more sustainable future together, we hold ourselves to a high standard. In this way we are able to cultivate a winning culture.


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Our people work tirelessly towards a single goal - to drive sustainable growth in Africa. We continuously strive to create a great place for our diverse people to thrive, grow and innovate. In journeying towards this, we have put in place a four-pronged strategy that acts as a guide and allows us to hold ourselves accountable.

Above all, the heartbeat of Tiger Brands is Sustainability. In staying true to the South African philosophy of “I am because you are”, we are committed to creating shared value across our diverse stakeholder base. We believe that our communities should be better off because we are there and take an active role in driving food and nutrition security, consumer education and food safety imperatives, in addition to supporting the development of small suppliers to actively compete within our supply chain. We are rigorous in our pursuit to minimise any negative impact on the environment - both local and global - the community and the economy.

We are committed to actively improving the country and the people who have helped make and keep us in the triumphant position we find ourselves in today. With this winning formula we are confident that our iconic brands will never stop adding value to the lives of our consumers.

Africa is a core focus for the Tiger Brands International team, driving growth across 25 countries with 5 priority markets - Cameroon, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

The team also drives exciting growth opportunities across the world through its Exports business, focusing on bringing 154 quality brands and products within 21 categories to consumers in 55 countries around the world.


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